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Operation Evaluations

32North's goal is to help facilities maximize their efficiencies in order to streamline their processes and improve their daily operations. Whether it is the start of a new season or a specific event you're preparing for, we have expertise in both front of house and back of house operations. 


Ice Evaluations

32North can evaluate your field of play to provide recommendations and industry standards for ice installation or maintenance. Trouble with clarity? High utility costs? Athletes unhappy with conditions? Let us begin working with your ice technicians to enhance the athlete and customer experience.    


Staff Evaluations

32North can help get your season started off on the right foot. We can evaluate your staff for a specific event or make recommendations to update your operating procedures to ensure you get your staff to their peak performance. Handbooks, training documents, and recommended event staffing are all part of our portfolio.


Facility Evaluations

32North can assist with facility conditions beyond the field of play.  Facility temperature, humidity levels, operational efficiencies, and other external factors can have a significant impact on your ice surface.   

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